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“Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective, is clever and appealing. Every story brings the reader to the streets and characters of Fall River as if you were there with them and of course Lizzie Borden. Congratulations to Richard Behrens for his Victorian creativity and imagination.”

Len Rebello, Author of Lizzie Borden: Past & Present

“In Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective Richard Behrens skillfully captures the essence of historic Fall River, bringing the city to life through the adventures of the youthful, intrepid sleuth, Lizzie Borden. The fictional Lizzie is an absolutely delightful character; she is fearlessly cunning, charismatic, and thoroughly enchanting! A must read for all those intrigued by Fall River history, mystery and, of course, Lizzie Borden.”

Michael Martins, Curator of the Fall River History Society / Co-Author of Parallel Lives: A Social History of Lizzie A. Borden and Her Fall River

“This is a fun read and you’ll see Lizzie in a whole new light. It has lots of  unique historical details that make it feel very rich and authentic.”

Jill Dalton, writer/performer LIZZIE BORDEN LIVE

“This is Lizzie Borden as you never imagined her; lively, intrepid and clever as a budding detective on the hunt!  The stories are a magic carpet ride to another time – old Fall River in all its glory.  The settings, the clothing, the language all showcase a young Lizzie Borden against a background of mystery and intrigue with some twists and turns along the way.  Move over Nancy Drew, and make room for Miss Lizzie, Girl Detective- so much fun, it’s nearly criminal!”

Shelley Dziedzic, Lizzie Borden: Warps and Wefts


  1. Gene says:

    “Lizzie Bordern: Girl Detective”
    Why does the book have her name in the title? A care free girl in Victorian New England? The book doesn’t mention the murders?For those of us who know about the case, Its insulting to use that name and ignore the BRUTAL DOUBLE MURDER. She got away with it and got her fathers money! Thats the only reason we know her name and her name is synonomous with BRUTALLY MURDERING FAMILY MEMBERS!
    Some possible titles for your next work:
    “Charles Manson: Motivational Speaker”; “Ed Gein: Young Taxidermist”; “John Wayne Gacy: The Boy Who Loved Clowns”

  2. admin says:

    I suggest you read an upcoming book called Parallel Lives, written and published by the Fall River Historical Society. It may help address some of your concerns.

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