New Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective series from Nine Muses Books

The Agitated Elocutionist: A Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective Mini-MysteryThe Agitated Elocutionist: A Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective Mini-Mystery has just been published by Nine Muses Books as part of their Lizzie-Mini series.  This series will make Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective stories available in e-book format, including two stories that did not appear in Lizzie Borden, Girl Detective (PearTree Press, 2010) and two brand new adventures previously unpublished.

The Agitated Elocutionist is the first in the series and was published to on January 2, 2015.  More stories will be published over the next few months.  Later in the year, Nine Muses will publish a full-length Lizzie novel The Minuscule Monk.  Check this site in months to come for more details.

Join Lizzie as she matches wits with the Agitated Elocutionist in this wry tale of mystery set in a Victorian New England mill town. When Mrs. Arbuthnot, the Agitated Elocutionist of Fall River, reports the disappearance of her coveted Star of Swansea, Lizzie Borden the Girl Detective enters into a maze of secrets, lies and tongue twisters. Together with her loyal cousin Sarah Borden, Lizzie explores Fall River’s dark side.

You can download The Agitated Elocutionist for free to your e-book library at

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