The Lizzie Borden Podcast

Episode One: The Doggerel

Welcome to the first episode of The Lizzie Borden Podcast, produced and directed by Richard Behrens for Nine Muses Books. This episode was recorded in 2011 as a pilot and is appearing here for the first time.

The Doggerel is what I call the sing-song rhyme about Lizzie Borden that everyone seems to know.  In fact, this rhyme is often someone’s only source of information about the events that we now call The Borden Murders of 1892.  This episode explores the possibly origins of the Doggerel and its various uses in Lizzie Borden related media.

The following is an excerpt from Jill Dalton’s Lizzie Borden Live performed at the 78th St. Theater Lab in New York City on June 8, 2008.  It was filmed by Richard Behrens.  The stage production was directed Jack McCullough and the music was composed by Larry Hockman.

Episode One: The Doggerel


Dr. Stefani Koorey

Dr. Stefani KooreyStefani Koorey holds a PhD in Theatre History and Dramatic Criticism and an MS in Library Science.

She lives in Fall River, has been featured in the Discovery Channel’s documentary “Lizzie Borden Had an Axe,” and lectures far and wide on the subject. Her most recent discoveries of the portraits of Andrew Borden and his first wife Sarah, as well as the image of Lizzie Borden when she was a child, has helped to renew interest in this fascinating unsolved mystery.

She was the indexer and an editor for the award-winning history of Lizzie Borden and Fall River published by the Fall River Historical Society—Parallel Lives: A Social History of Lizzie A. Borden and Her Fall River.

She is the editor and publisher of The Literary Hatchet, as well as the publisher/editor at PearTree Press, specializing in Borden titles, true crime, Fall River history, gothic poetry and short stories.



Jill Dalton

unnamedJILL DALTON  (Writer/Performer)  Ms. Dalton’s current play, Whistle-blower, based on Pvt. Bradley (Chelsea) Manning, was a semi-finalist at the 2015 Eugene O’Neill Theatre Conference.

Her play, Collateral Damage, was a semi-finalist at the 2014 Eugene O’Neill Theatre Conference.

She’s written and performed 3 solo plays: My Life in the Trenches, Calling on God, and Lizzie Borden LiveLizzie Borden Live, was commissioned by the East Lynne Theatre Company in Cape May, NJ, where it had a successful and critically acclaimed six-week run.  Ms. Dalton won the 2007 Jacoby Award for her portrayal of Lizzie. The play subsequently toured: MA, RI, AZ and NYC.

She spent 10 weeks working and consulting with William Hurt on his portrayal of Hank Paulson in the HBO film, Too Big to Fail.

Acting credits include: Too Big to Fail, Law & Order, Criminal Intent, All My Children, As the World Turns, Another World, One Life to Live, Saturday Night Live, Wall Street, Rachel Getting Married, and Veronika Decides to Die.

She spent 4 ½ years honing her skills as a stand-up comic, and was the recipient of the Mary Jo Comedy Show Award for most promising newcomer in NYC.

Her eBook, Is It Fascism Yet? is available on and has a five star rating.  Her articles have been published on blogs across the Internet and on her blog,

Ms. Dalton is a member of SAG/AFTRA, AEA, and the Dramatist Guild of America.


Producer: Nine Muses Books
Engineer: Mason Amadeus
Writer/Director: Richard Behrens
Music: Melora Creager

Richard Behrens is the author of the Lizzie Borden Girl Detective mystery series and the co-founder of Nine Muses Books and host of The Lizzie Borden Podcast.

Mason Amadeus is an on-air personality for 103.7 KNE-FM and Sunny 97.7.  In his spare time he makes music and short films with his friend Tucker. You can find them at and

Mason runs an independent sound design group in Keene:  Amadeus Imaging. They offer reasonable rates for high-quality studio recording of voice and music, commissioned music from professional studio musicians,  as well as sound design and effects for theater and radio.
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