“The Sculling Boat” a new story published in The Hatchet

The Hatchet Spring 2012“The Sculling Boat” is a brand new Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective mystery just published in the spring 2012 issue of The Hatchet: A Journal of Lizzie Borden & Victorian Studies.

Readers of the Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective series and the novel from PearTree Press may be delighted to hear that “The Sculling Boat” is a simple, uncomplicated tale of a very young and innocent Lizzie.   Author Richard Behrens calls it a Lizzie-Mini and offers it as a preview for a brand new collection of stories.  Keep watching this blog for more announcements on future Lizzie Borden: Girl Detective publications.

Order your copy of The Hatchet here  and enjoy “The Sculling Boat”.  The issue also offers some exciting newly discovered photographs of Bridget Sullivan, an interview with filmmaker Ric Rebello, a guide to collecting Lizzie Borden books plus more.

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